Spoonbills Cavorting in the Treetops

Great Blue Heron Bringing a Twig to a Nesting Female

Anhinga in Swamp Maple

Nesting Snowy Egrets in Swamp Oak

White Ibis in Swamp Maple

A Green Heron in a Red Cedar Tree

An osprey nest, high up in a live oak

Spoonbills Squabbling in the Treetops

Great Egret in Forest

Florida Scrub Jay in Pine Tree

A Fledgling Snail Kite in a Swamp Myrtle

A Roosting Black-crowned Night Heron

Limpkin in Willow

Spoonbill and Great Blue Heron Roosting Together

Reddish Egret Peering from a Tree

A Spoonbill Flying through the Woods

A fledgling snowy egret hiding in its nest in a bush

Tri-colored Heron Pair in Live Oak

Spoonbills Mating on Treetop Nest

Cattle Egret and Spoonbill Squabble

Black Vultures Communing on a Live Oak