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PAULA SHARP is a photojournalist and writer.  She is a veteran photographer and the author of the national bestseller Crows over a Wheatfield and four other books.  She has traveled throughout the United States and Brazil, photographing and documenting life here and in the Amazon.

ROSS EATMAN has been a nature photographer for twenty years. He is a co-founder of Sharp-Eatman Nature Photography, a photographic society dedicated to documenting conservation issues. 


Sharp-Eatman Nature Photography's most recent project, Wild Bees of New York, is currently on a national tour.  An exhibit of Wild Bees will be on display at the Bruce Museum of of Greenwich, Connecticut, from April 14 - November 11, 2018.  The Houston Museum of Science  will be exhibiting Wild Bees from May 24 through September 22, 2019.


If you would like to contact Sharp and Eatman, please use the form on the Contact page. For permission to use photographs, please see Permissions

Bald Eage - Copyright (c) 2018 Paula Sharp

Image protected by registered copyright.

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