HIDDEN PAGE:  SWEETWATER  weekend of April 5, 2018

bitterns, gallinules, osprey, limpkins 

A juvenile least bittern traveling by grabbing reeds with its feet (R)

Juvenile least bittern in swamp (R)

Juvenile least bittern (R)

A juvenile least bittern eating a tadpole (Ross)

A juvenile least bittern elongating its neck (R)

Juvenile least bittern in flight (R)

An adult male least bittern hiding amid reeds (R)

An adult male least bittern (R)

Wilson's snipe (P)

Bobolink (P)

Limpkin in flight through misty swamp (R)

A mother limpkin, camouflaged against marsh reeds, sitting on her hidden nest (P)

A boat-tailed grackle cavorting over the marsh (P)

A purple gallinule (P)

Purple gallinule peering from nest hidden in swamp vegetation

Face of purple gallinule chick (P)

Purple gallinule chick (P)

Mother gallinule feeding chick (P)

Face of little blue heron (P)

Great blue heron with fish (P)

An osprey carrying a branch to its nest (R)

A female osprey guarding her chicks (P)

Osprey with chicks (P)

Osprey & chick (R)

Osprey & chick (R)

Osprey & chicks (P)

Mother osprey shielding her chicks from the sun with her wings (P)

Mother osprey lifting her wings to protect her chicks (P)

Mother osprey and chick on nest (R)

Osprey chicks in nest (R)

Osprey chick in nest (R)

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