Snail kites, bald eagles, merlins, hawks,
caracaras, woodpeckers, songbirds and ospreys

A male snail kite with an apple snail

R: A male snail kite perched on a myrtle in the middle of a shallow lake

A male snail kite in flight

R: The recurved beak of a male snail kite, used to remove apple snails from their shells.

Mating snail kites

A female snail kite

A female snail kite

A female snail kite in flight

R: A male snail kite preparing to devour an apple snail

Eggs of the Asian apple snail

A male snail kite taking off

A young male and a young female snail kite

A female snail kite in flight

R: Fledgling snail kite in myrtle tree

A fledgling snail kite

R: Head of a juvenile snail kite

A juvenile snail kite in flight

Head of a flying caracara

R: Bald eagle in flight

A bald eagle landing on a telephone pole

A bald eagle catching fish in a swamp

A bald eagle being spooked by a grackle

A boat-tailed grackle (male)

R: Sandhill crane in flight

R: Sandhill Crane in Flight

Meadowlark on a fence post

A grackle taunting two red-bellied woodpeckers

A male red-bellied woodpecker

A male red-bellied woodpecker bringing a maggot home to his wife

R: A female red-bellied woodpecker peering from her hole

A female red-bellied woodpecker

Mating red-bellied woodpeckers

A red-shouldered hawk

R: A ruffled red-tailed hawk

R: A rat snake wrestling with a red-shouldered hawk




Merlin in pine tree

Merlin showing checkered wing

A bald eagle amid Spanish moss and live oaks

Ospreys vying for territory

A mother osprey on her nest

Ross being kissed by a conure

Paula being messed with by monk parakeet

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